#13 Block

I have a lot of time lately, because I just finished study and currently unemployed... so what I do is just online all day, eat junk food. binge watch some TV Series. 

Until I find out I don't know what to do anymore... so I just lay on my bed with my journal and a blank page.. what to write today? my mind is basically blank at the moment.

I've been writing some stuffs lately. Tried my best to bring back my love of writing. but I don't know why, after a few chapters, the writer's block came and I just give up. ohhhh my.. I just give up. just like that. A few minutes ago I was so excited and happy to finally had this idea of a story and a few minutes later, everything turned to dust. It's like being in "the circle" all over again.

Try to get out from "the circle" is so hard, sometime I was so deep inside it, I can spend one whole day in bed doing nothing. I tried to forced myself and I think about the consequences of doing nothing but in the end I just don't care. someone please pull me out. please.