#11 A Slow Change

Lately, I saw a lot of people said things about aurat, tight pants, weird hijab and stuff. Make me think a lot about how people's reaction can make someone think twice about his/hers journey to be better. 

For me, religion is between you and your God. only He can judge your actions, and hijabs is one of the way to show your respect to your God. not just to cover your hair and body, He asked us to do it for a reason. Society nowadays are too judgemental and I admit social media really affected the way almost all of us think. 

To change is a slow process. 
Yes, I was once told, what if in that "slow process" something bad happen and you're dead?

my answer is, Only He can judge what I do, and my niat to change, you as a human and His servant, should be lucky He give you time to change and be better"

When I saw someone comment something negative about someone hijabs or the way they dress, I always prayed that the person that received those negative comment be strong, believe in your God and never change your heart. 

If you really want to advice people, please, do it in a positive way. negativities will only make people question their decisions. 

I'm not pious. I admit my aurat is not perfect. I also on my journey to be a better Muslim.