#10 Makcik Makcik

One of the things that people who close to me know is, I looooove to spent my time in drug store, grocery etc. Except for apparels; tops, pants, inside parts of clothes. If I shop for apparel, I'M THE FASTEST SHOPPER YOU KNOW! I hate that part of shopping. I don't know why.

But give me, Guardian, Watsons, Sephora, Tesco, Giant, Sasa. I can spent solid 2 hours inside those place if I'm alone. If I see one of the shops, my boyfriend and friends will give me warnings. Don't go or be fast and furious, buy whatever you want only.... then I end up half an hour inside the shops and bought everything I DON'T NEED. Each month, I will spent in one of the shops, to buy "monthly needs" but I actually just stand there and stared at the same things that I always see every time I went there. Hahaha.

It's like a therapy for me. I love to read and at the same gain some knowledge (obviously not) about the products. See what offer they have and compare. Sometime the salesgirls/men look at me like I about to steal something. Nope. I'm not gonna steal la. Do I look like a thief to you??  

I tried to control my habit of wasting time inside those addictive stores. The huge problem is even I can't find a reason to buy, I still gonna spend solid half an half staring. That's why I always walk alone and shop alone. Don't get me started if Tesco or Giant have a HUGE PROMOTIONS. I will standing there staring/counting/thinking/talking about how worthy to buy those promotion stuffs. 

One of my friend said I'm a makcik makcik when I told him this story. Maybe I am. haish.