#7 Searching

I'm sorry for being away for soooo long. It's been a tough tough months for me. I just need some me time and away from any sorts of writing for a while, because I know if I started writing in sad mood. My whole post will be gloomy as hell.

I'd been searching myself for quite sometimes now, and I still searching. It's tough to be yourself around these sad life, I know the " we have one life, why you have to sad all the time bla bla" I tried to hold on to that motto, but my soul just rejected it. I know, so much negativity in life. Well, try to be a clinically depressed person and you know why. I'm still healing. So give me time, it's been 3 years now since I was dignosed. I tried to hide it for so long and it started to kill me from the inside, i maybe look normal, but no one knew what I was thinking. I had my ups and downs. But I'm still inside the circle. Never had the courage to step out of it. Just give me some time.

Enough with the gloomy mode. I know writing helped to forget about everything.  So I will use this as my tool to continue fighting this disease. Maybe one say when I have the courage I will share how I deal with my disease. For now I wanna focus on how to be normal again. I will be that normal, bubbly, confident girl again.