#4 Wrong Intention

It's Ramadan again. 

I was so excited. In Ramadan I can save up and make sure I got my ideal weight again. I wanted to lose at least 5 kg. I had all my plan line up for me to be skinny this Ramadan. 


For years, I had that intention in my heart, to be skinny because I know I can control my food in Ramadan and I will eat less. To be skinny.I eat less, I do a little bit exercise.  But I never lose even 500 gm of my weight. I gained more and more.

I was looking out thinking why I never lose my weight during Ramadan. I done all the basic things to lose weight. 

And then something came up. It's Him. He want me to be close to Him. I had the wrong intention for years and I admit I was far away from His trail. I fasted for myself and for the sake to be skinny not for Him. Wrong Intention. 

 Ramadan is the month for all of us Muslim to be close to our Creator. Not that we have to ignore him for the other 11 months. But Ramadan is special, Imagine all the extra pahala we can gained.