#1 Ain't No Blog Virgin

I've been writing since 2008. when I read my old blog last weekend. okay..... it was so embarrassing. the pictures... urghhhh. I just had to. I changed it from public to private because I'm too embarrassed to show the world but I don't want to delete it.  One day I can show it to my child and grandchild *maybe.. 

I love writing, it's like a personal space for me to say whatever I want. 

And I want to start over. my life. family. love. friend. My life isn't fancy like others, but we all do know how to make our life a lil bit fun yah. 

BTW, next weekend is Ramadhan! can't wait to go back home, and my dad is coming home after months. I miss my little munchkin danny and iris. aaaaaaand not so munchkin, Mimi as well. 

And one more thing. This ramadhan mark my first year in hijab. Alhamdulillah. 

Last weekend